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Accounting for decision making, cost planning, and financial analysis info gram.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

Outsource Bookkeeping & Accounting

Business owners should stick to their craft which typically does not include bookkeeping, accounting, and other finance related issues that come up as a business grows. You can trust Hilliard Accounting to help you save money and your time. We are very familiar with a vast array of business structures and can work with you to ensure your business succeeds. Large corporations and small home based businesses. We can help you!

Compilations & Records Keeping

Our team can build a digital dashboard that allows you to view the operational and financial structure of your business. Anything is possible!

Tax Preparation & Services

Individual Tax Services

Individuals needing to file a tax return can trust the team at Hilliard Accounting to prepare the filings. 1040s, Schedule C, Farm Schedule, married, separated, divorced, widows, dependants… We will help you figure out what you need to file and how to save you the most money possible.

Corporate & Partnership Tax Services

Depending on the structure of your business you will need to file tax forms to comply with IRS codes. Hilliard Accounting has worked with a vast array of business types to ensure their books and filings conform to codes and laws. We can help any business, of any size, save money and time. Schedule a free consultation to see what Hilliard Accounting can do for you.,

Estate & Trust Tax Services

Any income to an Estate or Trust may trigger the requirement to file form 1041. Savings accounts, CDs, stocks, bonds, mutual funds and rental property may generate income that needs to be reported. IRS Form 1041, U.S. Income Tax Return for Estates and Trusts, is required if an estate generates more than $600 in annual gross income.

The decedent and their estate are separate taxable entities. Before filing Form 1041, you will need to obtain a tax ID number for the estate. We can help you obtain your number and file the appropriate forms.

Financial analysis info gram using accounting principles.
Cash Flow Diagram from Hilliard Accounting

Finance, Analytics, Engineering, & Optimization

Financial Data Analysis & Business Consulting

We can help you increase your profits by effectively tracking your finances. We would love to discuss your business with you to see how Hilliard Accounting can fit into your current structure. A few hours of our time might save you tremendous sums of money in the near future. Our team has talents typically not found in other accounting and bookkeeping firms.

Free Estimates

Anywhere in the World

Our ability to integrate cloud computing into accounting allows us to work with clients all around the world with speed and efficiency.