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Accounting & Bookkeeping Online for the Self Employed Filing Schedule C

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Some people are more tech savvy than others. We work with our clients on an individual basis and customize our accounting and online bookkeeping services for them.

If you need us to do all the data entry, we will. If you would like to save on costs and time, we will set you up with our online services and applications so you can input payments, expenses, and other transactions as you go.

What can Hilliard Accounting do for you?

We are happy to answer all your questions! Call us anytime at 270.791.2789 or contact us online to schedule a free consultation.

Online Bookkeeping, Payroll, Tax Filing & More

We can help you stay organized to save you time and money while finding you all the deductions (Expenses, healthcare, mileage, etc.) you are entitled to. If you choose to use the phone apps, a tablet, or a computer to record transactions, they are recorded and reports are available in real time. When issues come up, we are here to help.

Your phone may be all you need to go paperless! Build invoices, send and receive payments all from your phone. You can take payments in person, manually swiping their credit card, by email invoicing, or over the phone. If your bank allows you to deposit checks online, the deposit will update in the online bookkeeping and accounting system. There is a fee for credit and credit card payments you will need to consider, but ACH bank transfer payments are FREE!!!

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Form 1040 Schedule C

Well Organized Bookkeeping Services Makes Self Employed Schedule C Tax Filings Easier and Less Expensive

  • Simply take a picture of a receipt, select a few options and save using a phone app.
  • Record sales of products or payments for services using your phone.
  • Track inventory.
  • Record and pay sales taxes, payroll taxes.
  • Tax Estimates as you record transactions.
  • Customized options, specifically tailored to your tastes.
Free Estimates

Online Bookkeeping, From Anywhere in the World

Our ability to integrate cloud computing into finance allows us to work with clients all around the world at light speed.

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Real Time Reports including Tax Estimates

Watch as Your Transactions are recorded in real-time financial reports.

If you choose to use online bookkeeping software we can easily oversee your books to ensure they remain in good order and that transactions are being categorized to prepare for the end of year Schedule C tax filing.

Our accounting software is integrated directly into our online bookkeeping platforms. Automation saves you time and money!

Staying Organized Increases Profits & Decreases Expenses

Those who choose to be self employed often struggle to stay organized for bookkeeping purposes. This can cause profits to go down and may even cause failure. The key to success is to make things easy for our clients and FAST when recording incomes or expenses.

We prefer to work regularly with customers. Not once a year when everything is being rushed to satisfy the demands of the IRS. Quarterly, monthly, weekly or even daily reviews with our clients may be needed.

At the end of the year when the real accounting begins, a well organized set of books makes filing taxes much easier and less expensive. When you work with us you have bookkeepers and accountants on your team.

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Tracking invoices, automated invoice emails, and utilizing online payments can get you paid twice as fast. You don’t have to worry about losing track of who owes you money!

Image of Dane Hilliard using cloud computing for bookkeeping, accounting and financial analysis.

We keep you connected online!

You can log into your online portal 24/7 to view financial information important to you. When we tie your bank account into the online system your accounts will automatically update with new transactions and details.

Forecasting and Budgeting

While we free up your time by helping you organize your finances and reporting, Hilliard Accounting will be using the organized data to develop financial models integrated into our computer software. With a few clicks of a button you can see budgets, forecasts, and more. All updated using cloud computing automation.

Put more money in your pocket by optimizing every aspect of your business!

Hilliard Accounting's Online Services

The Hilliard’s have an extensive background in accounting and cloud computing. Dane graduated from WKU with a degree in Accounting and James received his degree in Engineering from the University of Louisville. Together they make a great team and would love to welcome you to the family.

When first meeting a new client it is always nice to have a copy of your last years returns. If you are just getting started with a new business we may be able to help you get started on a better path with a quick, free consultation.

Accounting for decision making, cost planning, and financial analysis info gram.

IRS 1040 Schedule C Expense Deduction Categories

  • Advertising
  • Car and truck expenses
  • Commissions and fees
  • Contract labor
  • Depletion
  • Depreciation and section 179 expense deduction (not included in Part III)
  • Employee benefit programs (Not pensions or profit sharing plans)
  • Insurance (other than health)
  • Interest:
    • Mortgage (paid to banks, etc.)
    • Other
  • Legal and professional services
  • Office expense
  • Pension and profit-sharing plans
  • Rent or lease:
    • Vehicles, machinery, and equipment
    • Other business property
  • Repairs and maintenance
  • Supplies (not included in Part III)
  • Taxes and licenses
  • Travel and meals:
    • Travel
    • Deductible meals
  • Utilities
  • Wages (less employment credits)
  • Other expenses

Notes on Schedule C Vehicle Deductions:

The IRS gives us two methods to compute vehicle expenses for your business.
  • Actual Expenses
  • Standard Mileage
The use of your vehicle may be a large business expense. Each method often produces vastly different results. Actual Expenses may be a better tax deduction one year, and the Standard Mileage might be a larger deduction the next year. We will help you figure out what the best option is for you. If using the Actual Expenses method we will need:
  • Lease Payments
  • Auto Insurance Costs
  • Gasoline Costs
  • Maintenance & Repairs Receipts (oil changes, brake pads, tire rotations, repairs, etc.)
  • Title, licensing, and Registration Fees
  • Vehicle Depreciation