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Our Bowling Green, KY Accounting office can help you automate what has long been a list of headaches associated with running a business using cloud computing. We make it easy.

Our team has worked with hand written financial reports our entire lives. Sometimes owners and management do not want to update towards full automation and cloud computing on their end. They don’t have time to learn new tricks. It is the clients choice. We are always here to answer any questions you have.
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Image of Dane Hilliard using cloud computing for bookkeeping, accounting and financial analysis.

Custom Payment Processing  Apps with Bookkeeping and Accounting Automation

Not only can we handle your accounting like so many others competing for your business, but we can also set up your website as an online store, POS system, or payment processor that integrates directly into your financial recording and real-time reporting system. We keep our in-house web designers and engineers busy 🙂

We can provide many unique financial and cloud computing integrations while we provide the same services you may be paying for somewhere else.

We can save you time and money!

You can do almost everything needed for a business to run without a piece of paper. We can connect your daily operations (inventory, billing, sales, payroll, expenses, etc.) to your bookkeeping and accounting with your phone, tablet, or a computer. The time saved using cloud computing is enormous. AND. It is easier!

Automating a Business with Cloud Computing

Quotes, Deposits, Invoices, Billing, Payments, & Receipts

The quotes you send out, the deposits you collect, the invoices sent, payment processing, and the receipts you send to your customers, can be automated. Monthly or scheduled billings? No problem. If you choose, it can all be done by email or through other internet and cloud computing services. For those who need printed materials such as shipping labels or receipts, we can help automate that too.

We can help clients set up a new business or work with your current business operation to modernize and speed up everything. Time is money. If we save you time, we save you money.

Products, Services & Inventory

Automation and cloud computing helps reduce the costs of carrying excess inventory, saves time, ensures proper bookkeeping, and ensures your customers remain satisfied. Automated inventory management helps you track your inventory and other operations in real-time. Our elders didn’t have an option to receive a text message notification when the stock was low…

Expenses, Accounts Payable, Payroll

Are your expenses billable? Are you keeping up with costs efficiently? Are you getting all the tax deductions you are legally entitled to? Why is this all so complicated?

We can’t do anything about the laws, but we can make all of this a lot easier and less time consuming for you. Not only are we very well trained in bookkeeping and accounting, but we are also fluent in cloud computing, software development, and engineering.

Advanced software tied together with cloud computing allows us to simplify and speed up your business operations, bookkeeping, and accounting process. In addition, it allows real-time financial analysis of your entire business.

Balance Sheet, Income Statement, Statement of Cash Flows, & Other Financial Statements

Every business should have an income statement and balance sheet documenting monthly results and ending financial conditions. The financial analysis allows a business to find problems they may not otherwise know about until they grow and hit them hard. All of this can be automated. If you are currently keeping up with your bookkeeping but would like a second set of eyes to review everything, please contact us. If you are not keeping up with books, you should definitely call us as soon as possible.

Business/ Corporation Tax Filing, Federal, State, & Local

Assuming all of the above has been completed correctly, this can be a very simple, fast task. If you keep accurate records throughout the period of time before filing, almost everything needed to file taxes and tax reports with the government can be completed fast and efficiently.

At the end of the year, new clients often deliver shoeboxes stuffed with receipts, deposit slips, handwritten notes, and other random goodies. Sometimes they bring them a few weeks or even a few days before the filing date, typically April 15. The costs associated with doing this are always higher than using our bookkeeping/ accounting service throughout the year. We often have to file extensions for our new and green “shoebox” clients while they organize the contents of their boxes.

Automation and cloud computing can make filing taxes much faster and easier for all parties involved. Please contact us now if you are handwriting on paper, stuffing a shoebox, or would like to otherwise improve your accounting and business operations.

Individual Tax Return Filing, Deductions, Dependents, W2s, 1099s, Insurance, Oh My…

At this point, if you are still reading this, you probably get the point. Almost every aspect of your dealings with Uncle Sam can be automated and easy, or very complicated and difficult.

Join the family and let us help!

Real-Time Financial Records & Reports for Business Operations

We enjoy teaching our clients how to use business automation systems. We handle the problems for them as needed and ensure that their time is spent on their craft. As our clients work with us, we help them identify holes in their system that drain money or time. We enjoy nothing more than saving our clients time and money.

Completely Free!

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In some cases we may come to your office to go over your current record keeping process. Contact us and schedule a time to talk!