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Accounting for decision making, cost planning, and Financial Analysis

Accounting for decision making, cost planning, and financial analysis info gram.

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Accounting is a key part of any business. Financial reports are important tools that allow management and owners to make informed business decisions. 

For any business, of any size, the accountant is required for decision making, planning, and performance analysis.

Financial Records and Analytics

Our team can build a digital dashboard that allows you to view the operational and financial structure of your business. Real time data to track your financials. Anything is possible!

Generally Accepted Accounting Principles

The Types of Accounting

Financial | Managerial | Cost

Financial accounting compiles financial transactions that occur during an accounting period. The transactions are summarized into a balance sheet, income statement, and cash flow statement.

Managerial accounting includes the creation of monthly or quarterly reports that a management team  or owner can used for decision making. Budgeting, forecasting, and other planning comes from managerial accounting data.

Cost accounting accounts for all of the costs related to producing a product or service. Analyzing and optimizing the costs of your business is essential for increasing profits.

Financial analysis info gram using accounting principles.
Cash Flow Diagram from Hilliard Accounting

Bank Reconciliation, Double Entry, General Ledger... Oh My!

Don't stress on Accounting. Do your job and we will do ours.

Your time is best served focusing on what you do. Allow the Hilliard Accounting team to keep up with your financial reporting and data analysis. It is free to call and we want to help.

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Our ability to integrate cloud computing into finance allows us to work with clients all around the world at light speed.